Lyft Pronoun Plates 

In 2021, gender pronouns were finally mainstream. However, only 2% of riders and drivers had added their pronouns in the Lyft app. So we put pronouns front and center in the real world, by turning the way people identify rides into a symbol of gender identity. Because just like license plates help you identify your Lyft, pronouns help people identify you. Introducing Pronoun Plates, turning license plates into a canvas for self-expression. We worked with LGBTQIA+ artists, who each designed a unique plate for their personal pronouns, inspired by their own journeys with gender identity.

ACDs: Jeff Schermer, Jose Ramirez
Copywriter: Daphne Lefran
Art Director: Charlotte Simons
CD: Dean Paradise, Bruno Mazzotti
ECD: Ricardo Casal & Juan Peña
Head of Art: Guido Fusetti
CCO: Anselmo Ramos